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Hi there.

I’m Robin Andrews, founder of Compucademy.

I am a fully qualified teacher with 15 years’ experience who is passionate about helping my students to achieve their potential.

Our aim at Compucademy is to support you in learning or teaching Computer Science for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level, with a range of resources such as video tutorials, quizzes and practical programming activities. Our approach brings Computer Science to life in a vivid way using puzzles and games and an accessible coding style, giving students a real sense of achievement and genuine understanding.

We are initially focusing on the Python language for the programming parts of the syllabus, along with a majority of UK schools, due to it’s combination of relative simplicity, power and community support.

A lot of people are put off by the coding involved in the Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level Computer Science syllabuses because they think it’s very difficult. Actually, the thing about coding is that once you understand it through a combination of practical experience and good teaching, it can be a really enjoyable subject.

We believe a lot of people could be switched on to Computer Science, and maybe even make a career out of it, who wouldn’t if they didn’t have it taught to them well.

So our goal is to bring clarity to programming and the rest of the Computer Science Syllabus so you can do really well in the subject as well as enjoying yourselves along the way.

Hopefully we’ll see you in our courses.

Best wishes,

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Robin Andrews.