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GCSE Computer Science Programming Practice – Pascal’s Triangle

Whether you are going to start your GCSE Computer Science course next term or are already halfway through, it’s always a good time to do some coding practice. Here’s a fun intermediate level challenge for all you coding enthusiasts out there. Coding Pascal’s Triangle with Python Pascal’s Triangle is a fascinating mathematical structure which contains […]

Triangle Symmetries with Python Turtle

Making connections between GCSE Computer Science and GCSE Maths is a great way to turbo-charge your learning in both subjects. There are so many areas where the same knowledge can come up in both. For example coordinates, variables, inequalities, formulas and many other topics. There is an article about calculating distance here, with a game […]

Installing Python Packages with Pip

When you install Python on your computer, it comes with the standard library which is a collection of modules that allow you to do all sorts of useful things such as mathematical calculations, interacting with the operating system, building GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and much more. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are thousands of […]

Cleaner Python with PEP 8

Today we are going to look at two ways to make your Python code cleaner. What does that mean? Well, code is very often read by people other than the person who wrote it, for purposes of maintenance, integration into larger systems, debugging etc. At school, it could be your teacher who reads it. It’s […]

BBC micro:bit Introduction

A couple of years ago the BBC distributed nearly a million BBC Micro:bits to schools in the UK as part of the BBC’s Make it Digital initiative. It was generally considered a resounding success, as described for example in this article from the BBC website. The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket-sized programmable computer which you […]

Fun with Cats – Python API Calls

One of the great things about Python as a programming language is that you can do fairly powerful things with just a few lines of code. In this article we are going to look at how to do a simple API call in Python to retrieve a random cat and display it on the screen. […]