Matrix Computing for 11-14 Book Series Review

by Oxford University Press The Matrix Computing for 11-14 series provides comprehensive cover of the Key Stage 3 National Computing Curriculum. It is thorough and well presented, with clear explanations and lots of practice exercises. There is also a refreshing attention to the creative aspects of Computing. For example the sections on using App Inventor […]

Python as Programming Language for Computer Science GCSE and A Level

Have you heard of Edward De Bono? He is considered by some to be the grandfather of metacognition. Among his achievements is the coining of the phrase “lateral thinking” along with extensive development of its implementation. De Bono’s ideas are often overlooked, usually either because they are too simple to appear useful, or the need […]


Knowing about ASCII character encoding is essential for GCSE Computer Science. It is basically a set of values which represent text characters, enabling the transmission of messages via electronic media. Character Sets Slide Show If you want to master character sets for GCSE Computer Science, check out this complete lesson with presentation, ASCII table, practice […]