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Broken Chessboard Puzzle

Download this image of a modified chessboard, and open it with MS Paint or something similar. Imagine you are trying to cover the whole (modified) board with tiles each two squares long – so they can go either vertically or horizontally and will always cover one black and one white (yellow) square. You can use […]

The Sound of Maths 1 – Prime Numbers

Have you ever wondered what the first 500 prime numbers sound like? (Of course you have). Well, wonder no longer, as with the help of Python, it’s easy to find out! The is no known pattern to the primes, a fact which has tantalized mathematicians since ancient times, since there are nonetheless hints of pattern […]

Python and Maths

It seems to me that the connection between programming and maths is often under-emphasized, with some people claiming that maths is not even necessary when learning to code. I disagree. From positioning items on the screen to dealing with complex simulations of the laws of physics in animated games, not to mention the problem solving […]