Python Turtle Graphics Demos

If you are using the standard installation of Python from which comes with the IDLE editor, there are some exciting demonstrations of the power of the turtle module available at the click of a mouse. The turtle module is hugely useful for learning about and teaching programming, and also great fun. It provides a […]

Calculating Distance with Python

Calculating distance with Python I am very keen to help people connections between Maths and Computer Science. Above is a game I wrote using JavaScript. When you click on an “x” you have a 50% chance of being told the distance from the treasure. Distance between points on a 2D plane is something we calculate […]

Global Variables will Break the Internet

You may have heard that global variables are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. They may even break the internet. How scary! However, it turns out on investigation that the claims are exaggerated and that in some situations, it’s OK to use global variables. One of these situations is when learning the programming […]

Python as Programming Language for Computer Science GCSE and A Level

Have you heard of Edward De Bono? He is considered by some to be the grandfather of metacognition. Among his achievements is the coining of the phrase “lateral thinking” along with extensive development of its implementation. De Bono’s ideas are often overlooked, usually either because they are too simple to appear useful, or the need […]


Knowing about ASCII character encoding is essential for GCSE Computer Science. It is basically a set of values which represent text characters, enabling the transmission of messages via electronic media. Character Sets Slide Show If you want to master character sets for GCSE Computer Science, check out this complete lesson with presentation, ASCII table, practice […]