Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Converter

Very often in GCSE and A Level Computer Science you are going to want to convert between different number bases such as binary, decimal and hexadecimal. Of course, you need to know how to do this manually, but it’s also very helpful sometimes to use a calculator – either to check your work or when […]


Knowing about ASCII character encoding is essential for GCSE Computer Science. It is basically a set of values which represent text characters, enabling the transmission of messages via electronic media. Character Sets Slide Show If you want to master character sets for GCSE Computer Science, check out this complete lesson with presentation, ASCII table, practice […]

Conversion from Decimal to Hexadecimal

I want to share a little trick which some of you may not know for converting from Decimal to Hexadecimal as required for GCSE and A Level Computer Science. To use this trick, you will need to be able to convert from decimal to binary, which will be covered in another article. When working with […]