Little Man Computer – Division

We recently looked at how to do multiplication using the Little Man Computer instructions. It will help with what we are about to do if you have read and understood that article. A key concept from that article was the need to be very clear about the different roles played by the multiplier and the […]

Little Man Computer – Multiplication

Doing multiplication using the Little Man Computer instructions can be quite a challenge for newcomers. Once you can do it, you will be well on your way to the level of mastery required for exams such as GCSE and A Level Computer Science. One big area of difficulty in writing the instructions is understanding exactly […]

TI-84 CE Graphing Calculator & Little Man Computer

There is a great deal of potential for using the TI-84 CE Graphing Calculator for learning and teaching Computer Science. For example, many syllabuses require students to learn about assembly language. This is often taught using the now famous Little Man Computer – CPU Simulator made by Peter Higginson. This is a great tool to help […]

Caesar Cipher – GCSE Computer Science

A common question in GCSE Computer Science exams involves encoding or decoding a message using a Caesar Cipher. This is a simple device named after the famous Emperor who used it to encrypt military messages. It involves “shifting” each character in the original message (plaintext) by a fixed amount to create an encoded message (ciphertext). […]